human with close eyes in time

Why all conspiracy theories about CoVid-19 | Corona are wrong

There is a lot of rumour going round about the new Corona-virus. Chinese authorities say that the virus has been developed by the US and US-authorities say that it has been developed by China in order to weaken the respectively other economy. Well, this is nowadays strategically political communication. Not a very inspired communication, but probably the best communication the very named systems or societies are able to.

As a matter of fact, no human society knows the truth about the evolutionary use or benefit of viruses, yet. And also: No human being has ever been fully qualified to act completely independent from evolution. Every human being – independent from the ideological system it is living in has been, is or will be – for a great amount of time to come – unable to exist independent from evolution. All we do is being subject to evolution and universal development. One can feel strong and powerful and mighty, but it is nothing else than an illusion.

Time is not interested in a span of 100 or 1000 years. Time itself is counting in steps of 10,000 years, rather 100,000 years but more certainly on a basis of 10 million or a 100 million years. So, everything we are is transferring steps from one point of time to another point of time – like H2O-molecules in a river. – And yes, maybe every H2O-molecule has its own way through time and its own story – a dramatic story right inside the vast space inside the river that is – as such – still completely unknown. Unkown as a principle, as a medium and of an unknown to us reason why it exists at all.

So, –  if you think that a human being is consciously connected to the development and creation of CoVid-19, you are most probably wrong. At this point in evolution people are not able to decide on a conscious basis. Even if we are able to guess and to speculate and to analyse processes in a very intelligent and cognitive way, almost everything is still happening on the basis of a still widely unknown evolutionary/anthropological algorithm.