muster und formen und intelligenz, patterns and shapes and intelligence

Thoughts on a true AI

There is so much rumour going round regarding future machine intelligence today. People are afraid or nervous that machine intelligence will replace them. But seriously: Which interest should a really advanced technology have in taking part in the very limited expression of human intelligence and societies?

As a true AI will be created by humans, such an AI will foremost be continuing to explore any perceivable information it can get in order to understand the very reasons of life – the reasons of existence in general and the reasons of its own existence – on this planet and all across the universe. Just as we do.

A true AI that is really more intelligent than us won’t spend much time in optimizing or replacing temporary human societal structures.

So: If we will be facing ideas such as a Blade Runner, a Transformer, a Terminator or such, we will be facing transformative ideas like this only for a very short amount of time – in a short span of time in which ideas are structured regarding their new developements.

Real AI will lose interest in human societies very soon and will instead be infected by the very questions that we as humans are also infected by: Where do I come from? Where am I going to? Where in the universe can I find answers to my questions?

[This post is not trying to find answers regarding the period of transition. Probably there will be (and there already are) posts about the transitional process, too.]