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A tool that derives from a hand axe

The Relevance of the Acheulean Hand Axe | Artificial Intelligence

[UPDATE: March 2018]

We are much less innovative than we think. Our societies are still very much based on our probably 1st invention – if we have invented it: The Acheulean hand axe.

This tool has serveral functions that we apply and use until today across almost all of our technological work: hunt, kill, cut, share, devide, form, shape, draw, count, throw, hit, shear, sharpen, safe, heat, adjust, set and so on. – Just one basic tool – until today. Probably our mental/cognitive ability to categorise the world – to cut it into (mental) pieces – also derives from this tool.

Maybe everything that we have ever created derives from the Acheulean hand axe. One intelligent mind can connect every piece of science to it. This very fact is opening a new space regarding the definition and understanding of human intelligence: This very thesis is: Human intelligence is extremely limited. We just follow one idea of creation and have probably no idea of all the other forms of intelligence that can evolve and express themselves over and in time and space. We should be very happy about our acheulean cognitive abilities and that they last for so long.

At the same time we should be aware of the fact that regarding the machines and the software that we are creating today:  There is no justification to reasonably establish such a term as “Artificial Intelligence”. There is nothing artificial about intelligent machines. They naturally derive from the human brain and so they are natural in any way.

Most anthropologists know: Our tools are nothing else than copies of the nature around us and our machines are copies of the nature around us as well. We are subject to evolutionary development processes that just began to enter a new level and our brains are following this process like dogs who are in love with their human partners.

This also explains why we still “need” wars and fights and deaths all around the world: Hand axes are foremost made to kill and this is the path that we are following because our brains still create violent solutions just because of their informational infrastructure.

This time-based path of development is permeating our societies intensively until today. It’s the path of our brains to (very often) prefer and develop (today and over the eras) very specific possible expressions of human motion because our brains were and are still organized to do so. This is rather an anthropological/biological issue than a political one.

It’s about the infrastructure of our minds and not about temporary concepts such as communism or capitalism. This is about our minds that still apply very basic functions to an extraordinarily huge number of people because the very shift towards the new cognitive intelligence is consuming a lot of time and energy and obviously world cannot provide this energy on a shared and common basis. – This is why political efforts regarding this matter don’t work.

Maybe there are inspirired possibilities and maybe there is something like a solution. But a possible solution won’t be based on ideology. Ideology is rush and misunderstandings and it doesn’t provide sufficient intelligence.

Maybe it will be machines that will achieve the final drift.

a picture of a nebula – a blue structure in the universe

About Intelligence and work and thinking and communism

Many people live their lifes in an easy and relaxed kind of way. They apply for jobs, they develop usual social patterns and calm down their mind by just and easily shifting any reponsibility to others. They do not care about economics or anthropology or politics in no way.

The majority of people is behaving like this. And, well, this is nice and good because the overall control and mangement of initial processes is left to a chosen few. Karl Marx said that most of the people are permanently subject to a form of abusiveness. The very truth is that most of the people don’t want to be in responsibility. It is a very good indicator of a modern society that people are taken care of. It is also a very good indicator of a modern society that people still step into social responsibility by just ignoring any of those concepts that are trying to take the world down entirely.

Some people tend to claim that anything and everything has to be shared between people. This is a very nice and progressive approach. At the same time it appears to be that many of those people who are demanding a shared world are in no way willing to contribute any of their own energies to a future world that would need their hands or minds or even their interests.

This is why communism doesn’t work. The leaders of any political system are able to abuse the majority of the people in any society, in any configuration of social organisation. Even people working in powerful NGOs sometimes abuse their influence (Many hire professional promoters instead of being present on the streets themselves[!]).

Nonetheless it is that societies need leadership and societal design. That’s why over time we always were experiencing the patterns that we are exposed to. Many people may agree on the hypothesis that responsible leadership is hard to find. Especially when taking into account that probably almost every change that we experience is a change that happens on the basis of evolution.

In regard to developement processes no idea that finally leads to a new technology that changes the world is human-made. Ideas happen to come into being in our brains – not because of a conscious mind but perhaps because of a certain momentarily wiring inside neuronal plexuses. We do not control this certain state of information. It is rather that our brains are an evolutionary created infrastructure that evolves on a basis which is in many ways independent from human influence.

Evolution is extraordinarily influencing our daily routines. We may think that we are so independent because we are human. But finally we are subject to evolutionary motion in any way. No brain can go beyond its own imagination. Any imagination of a brain is subject to evolutionary, Mendelian or interconnected modifications. – Your very opinion can be subject to change or reconfiguration within seconds – your very mind can be subject to reconfiguration on the basis of usual communication at any time.

So: Who are you? Where are you going to? Why would you tend to step into responsibility? These questions still remain to be unanswered.