the algorithm of evolution that is related to the social structure of each society

Societal Design

Engineers and designers will develop a technological and sensual world in which only 0,1% to 0,01% of the people actually need to work. At the same time the population of the world is exploding. This needs completely new societal designs as well.

We at COGGY Intelligence are working, researching and exploring the social world to solve this issue. Riots, strange behaviours or anti-social activities are not the best ingredients to a future society.

We believe that the transformation of a society can be moderated on the basis of understanding, intelligence and the development of future-proof societal designs. The concept of intercommunication is a part of the anthropological algorithm:

Societies – that are able and in the need to include different concepts of how societies are perceived – including the cognitive differences that exist in between cultures – are on the rise.

Unlike acting inside the very often limited frame of political ideologies we can develop and provide sustainable solutions that actually work.

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