Patterns, Muster, Sich in sich wiederholende Figurelemente


A pattern is something that can be reidentified by the brain because the brain has seen or heard or touched or smelled it before.  A pattern can consist of certain behavioural sequences, a combination of visual stimuli or a combination of some molecules – when it comes to taste or smell. The world is a pattern-based entity – especially the world that is perceived by humans.

We as humans do act or re-act on the basis of patterns. Sometimes we call it behaviour or even “consciousness”, sometimes we call it life. Maybe our thoughts, our consciousnesses and our perceptions are real. – We do not know ANYTHING about it. It is a matter of fact that we actually do influence how things develop. But it is not clear if we actually do know or design anything about it. Maybe we are only observers. Observing the motion of the influencing entities we were born into.