Patterns created by the human mind

On machines and Intelligence I

Will be able to create consciousness in machines one day? What if machines not only will be able to process complex algorithms but also become aware of what they do? What will a machine consciousness be all about?

As a matter of fact a consciousness like this will be able to access and process more knowledge in less time than any of us. This alone will be a completely new quality of intelligence. It will be like IBM’s Watson on steroids. Do we have to be afraid of such a development?

Yes and no. No if we will be able to solve our own problems and conflicts on earth until we create a machine like this and yes if we won’t. If you look at intelligence as an entity there are more forms of intelligence imaginable than just one – the “space of intelligence” is probably greater than the space of human intelligence. But if intelligent machines (AI) – that are aware of themselves – are created by human beings and thus by human intelligence they will most likely have OUR certain form of intelligence – including our tendency to solve conflicts on a violent and short-circuit basis.

We will wire their intelligence using the patterns that are known to us. Nevertheless future and development cannot be stopped. So it is on us to not only develop our technology but also our own abilities so that intelligent machines will at least be wired using the latest version of the human state of mind and responsibility.