future expression

Let’s build a better future

As an intelligent entity it is very difficult to exist in this space of mostly low intelligent performers. Performers – male and female – who are not able to see through time and existence. People who let themselves be influenced by temporary matters and ideas, who cannot differ and are not able to differentiate between the real world and the world that is made up by only a few powerful individuals.

It seems the world in 2020 is now back to 2.5 million years b.c., back to apes who at first recognize their environment as a vivid and relevant surrounding. The cultural world is now dying. It is losing its intelligence. Nobody knows why but everyone is due to let go of his or her intelligence.

As because evolution is responsible for everything, we need to understand evolution much better. We need to understand, why evolution is giving up on intelligence.

Obviously something went wrong within this million/billions years old concept of development in the recent 500 or so years.

At the same time the mostly violent and blind clashes that happen right now can be understood as conflicts that are trying to accelerate the speed of evolutionary development even more. – Like cruel and deadly revolutions did before.

In these revolutions a single human life was worth nothing. It could be taken away with weapons and on the basis of stupid ideologies in no time. Humans were behaving like animals in the Bartholomew’s Night or during the NSDAP-regime in Germany or under Stalin in the USSR. They were killing everyone and everything that not fitted their simple-minded ideologies.

We have to make sure that something like this doesn’t happen again. But this is not easy. Many low-intelligent people – from the radical left to the radical right are in charge all over the planet again. In Germany, we are steering straight towards fascism again because many people – especially from the left – do not understand that using the methods of the fascists to fight people means being fascist as well.

At the same time the communication within the European Union is becoming weaker on every day because things are defined on the basis of power but not on the basis on communication and co-operation. This leads to people being in charge of European processes who should never have been in charge of it. This is why the EU has lost the United Kingdom as a member. The UK has a long lasting tradition of liberty and freedom and it could not any longer identify itself with EU-processes that are weakening liberty and freedom and individual rights more and more. Democracy needs to be secured against ideological and totalitarian movements. Otherwise the European Union itself will be gone in almost no time.

So, this is where we stand. Where will we go?