Scientifically exploring empathy and social behaviour in mice

Is empathy encoded into our brains?

Over time we as humans were always curious and we always wanted to know why we are what we are and how we are what we are. We invested – and still invest – so much energy in understanding ourselves in order to understand our very existence and our role in the universe and also in our very limited lifetime.

It is somehow strange that probably no one of us will ever be able to understand the whole process of existence. This is why we developed language, letters, books and computers. Our species is set to: “wants” to “remember” – very specific ideas and knowledge – even if the very indivual being that has created a certain kind of knowledge always is subject to death. We want to inform and to educate our own species through time, we want our knowledge to be independent from death.

Well, this is what we finally do and how we (partially) are. We are allowed to do this and this is why we are so successful as a species: We are able to transfer knowledge. At the same time we are also allowed to explore the very underlying process. This is why scientifically inpired people are able to publish videos like this: