hunan faces are overlayed by a technological pattern and infrastructure

Human and alien intelligence

Humans do not know anything about the inner core of ‪existence‬. Even the most intelligent male or female researchers at universities are just able to follow and develop the recognitions (detections / indications) and insights that they can refer to.

Probably for the next more 100- years we will be cognitively caught in this very earthly cage. And even if there will be a new ‪alien‬ intelligence. This alien intelligence will probably be inside its own cognitive cage as well.

So, well, yes, if an alien ‪intelligence‬ will destroy human life on earth it will be doing so because of its own mental limitations – at least when it has been subject to a similiar cognitive evolutionary process that we have been subject to.

Probably intelligence – how high and talented it might be – tends to be caught in its own ‪‎reality‬. We at COGGY Intelligence can offer a broader access to the understanding of the innerevolutionary process of development.