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Let’s build a better future

As an intelligent entity it is very difficult to exist in this space of mostly low intelligent performers. Performers – male and female – who are not able to see through time and existence. People who let themselves be influenced by temporary matters and ideas, who cannot differ and are not able to differentiate between the real world and the world that is made up by only a few powerful individuals.

It seems the world in 2020 is now back to 2.5 million years b.c., back to apes who at first recognize their environment as a vivid and relevant surrounding. The cultural world is now dying. It is losing its intelligence. Nobody knows why but everyone is due to let go of his or her intelligence.

As because evolution is responsible for everything, we need to understand evolution much better. We need to understand, why evolution is giving up on intelligence.

Obviously something went wrong within this million/billions years old concept of development in the recent 500 or so years.

At the same time the mostly violent and blind clashes that happen right now can be understood as conflicts that are trying to accelerate the speed of evolutionary development even more. – Like cruel and deadly revolutions did before.

In these revolutions a single human life was worth nothing. It could be taken away with weapons and on the basis of stupid ideologies in no time. Humans were behaving like animals in the Bartholomew’s Night or during the NSDAP-regime in Germany or under Stalin in the USSR. They were killing everyone and everything that not fitted their simple-minded ideologies.

We have to make sure that something like this doesn’t happen again. But this is not easy. Many low-intelligent people – from the radical left to the radical right are in charge all over the planet again. In Germany, we are steering straight towards fascism again because many people – especially from the left – do not understand that using the methods of the fascists to fight people means being fascist as well.

At the same time the communication within the European Union is becoming weaker on every day because things are defined on the basis of power but not on the basis on communication and co-operation. This leads to people being in charge of European processes who should never have been in charge of it. This is why the EU has lost the United Kingdom as a member. The UK has a long lasting tradition of liberty and freedom and it could not any longer identify itself with EU-processes that are weakening liberty and freedom and individual rights more and more. Democracy needs to be secured against ideological and totalitarian movements. Otherwise the European Union itself will be gone in almost no time.

So, this is where we stand. Where will we go?

a mask in forn of the earth in space

Some first observations about Bill Gates, Corona and some rumours

For all of the people who are really afraid of Bill Gates injecting you a mind-controlling microchip next time.. We did some research on this topic and were able to trace the rumour back to its origin. It’s a thread on Reddit from March 18th, 2020 in which Gates – who seems to have a Reddit account himself – answered the questions of the users.

One user asked:
“What changes are we going to have to make to how businesses operate to maintain our economy while providing social distancing?”

Gates answered:
“The question of which businesses should keep going is tricky. Certainly food supply and the health system. We still need water, electricity and the internet. Supply chains for critical things need to be maintained. Countries are still figuring out what to keep running. – Eventually we will have some digital certificates to show who has recovered or been tested recently or when we have a vaccine who has received it.”

And this is what another user made of Gates’ answer later in this thread:
“THERE IT IS PEOPLE – This is the day the conspiracy theorists we all make fun have been warning about for decades. Mass mandatory micro-chipping, mass mandatory vaccinations, constant monitoring of your every move, rationing of food and water, authoritarian measures of every kind. The ultra-rich have been planning this for a long time, and we’re heading into the endgame. If you were ever planning on waking up, now is the time.”

– – –


Based on the comments there is no plausible way from “Eventually we will have some digital certificates” to “mass mandatory micro-chipping”. – Digital certificates can be entries in a local database – shielded by privacy rights, the voluntary use of a tracing app or digitally stored information at your doctor’s office.

There is also no plausible way from “We still need water, electricity and the internet.” to “constant monitoring of your every move, rationing of food and water, authoritarian measures of every kind”.

Of course, a healthy distrust regarding government actions is always important in a democracy. But a refusal to vaccinate should (from our point of view) be based on more relevant data than on an anonymous comment on Reddit, who even does not correctly refer to the original statement.

– – –


and the expanded thread:…/im_bill_gates_cochair_of_…/fkupg49/

human with close eyes in time

Why all conspiracy theories about CoVid-19 | Corona are wrong

There is a lot of rumour going round about the new Corona-virus. Chinese authorities say that the virus has been developed by the US and US-authorities say that it has been developed by China in order to weaken the respectively other economy. Well, this is nowadays strategically political communication. Not a very inspired communication, but probably the best communication the very named systems or societies are able to.

As a matter of fact, no human society knows the truth about the evolutionary use or benefit of viruses, yet. And also: No human being has ever been fully qualified to act completely independent from evolution. Every human being – independent from the ideological system it is living in has been, is or will be – for a great amount of time to come – unable to exist independent from evolution. All we do is being subject to evolution and universal development. One can feel strong and powerful and mighty, but it is nothing else than an illusion.

Time is not interested in a span of 100 or 1000 years. Time itself is counting in steps of 10,000 years, rather 100,000 years but more certainly on a basis of 10 million or a 100 million years. So, everything we are is transferring steps from one point of time to another point of time – like H2O-molecules in a river. – And yes, maybe every H2O-molecule has its own way through time and its own story – a dramatic story right inside the vast space inside the river that is – as such – still completely unknown. Unkown as a principle, as a medium and of an unknown to us reason why it exists at all.

So, –  if you think that a human being is consciously connected to the development and creation of CoVid-19, you are most probably wrong. At this point in evolution people are not able to decide on a conscious basis. Even if we are able to guess and to speculate and to analyse processes in a very intelligent and cognitive way, almost everything is still happening on the basis of a still widely unknown evolutionary/anthropological algorithm.

a girl thinking – sitting on top of a building in the future

The Future is safe

We as humans are subject to only insights, perceptions or cognitions.  We are constantly fighting for truths of interpretation and cannot take any responsibility for different opinions. Our cognitive intelligence – in the vast majority of cases – is simply too irrelevant to integrate different opinions into our world view. Because of this reason, the world we create is often situated at the lowest level of cognitive possibilities. This concerns our political leaders and at the same time their oppositional rivals.

The true and neutral analysis of social structures requires both – emotionally and politically independent observers. Only then will it be possible to shape the future in a relevant way. Fortunately, in the one-way streets of political developments – when current intelligences reach their intellectual limits – something like a new cognitive horizon always emerges – a new wise way of shaping society.

This means that even if societies reach their cognitive limits, something new will always emerge from the deepest hopelessness and a state of uninspired emptiness. Just think of the young Google or the first Mercedes car in times that were confronted with uncountable challenges. Suddenly people were able to start to find answers in almost no time or to transport goods to the even farthest locations in a fraction of time. Evolution is not stoppable by totalitarism, ideology or stupidity.

So – we don’t have to be afraid of the great stupidity. We do not have to be afraid of untalented thinkers and low-intelligent governments. We can always trust in the future. The future is always safe and certain. It has been safe for 2.8 million years now – since humans created the first hand axe – and it will continue to be safe in the future.


a face that knows about the future

Über der Stadt

Das Erleben der Nachtstadt und die Erkundung des Seins

Unten auf den Straßen fahren Lichter durch die Nacht. Aus allen Richtungen strömen Absichten, die an Lenkrädern und Gashebeln drehen oder auf Elektrohebel drücken. Über allem schwebt eine superlight-Variante von Politik, die kognitiv im Wesentlichen irrelavant ist aber alles und jede/n im click-bait-Sinne massiv überinstrumetalisiert.

Ein abrupter Ampelstopp, rote Rücklichter, die Straßenbahn kreuzt, dann setzt sich alles wieder in Bewegung. Was transportieren Menschen außer sich selbst und ihren Träumen hier über die Straßen? Im weißen Transporter, der von rechts kommt, liegen mehrere hundert Kilogramm vereiste Fischfilets, die einen langen Weg hinter sich haben. Vom Atlantik bis hierher.

Hier zu dieser Kreuzung, die von hoch oben über der Stadt wirkt, als wäre sie eine verblödete Variante unseres gesteuerten Selbst. Zwei Autos warten vor Rot und lassen einen imaginären Verkehr der nicht stattfindet minutenlang vorbeiströmen.

Unsere Analysefähigkeiten sind begrenzt. Wir haben die Welt in unserer Begrenztheit gebaut. Wir werden sie weiter so bauen. Da wir nahezu gar nicht bis vielleicht nur punktuell klüger werden. Und selbst die neuen Hysterien werden bald feststellen, dass sie ebenfalls nicht klüger sind.

Wir können nicht aus unserer Haut. Wir überziehen die Welt mit unseren Ideen, so wie Welt sich permanent mit uns überzieht. Aber es geht eigentlich nur um das Beibehalten der zwischenstufigen Wahrheiten, die wir stark umklammern, damit wir uns nicht eingestehen müssen, dass die Welt deutlich schneller und klüger ist als wir selbst.

Alles ist eins, es gibt keinen Unterschied. Das, was wir Unterschied nennen, ist in Wirklichkeit die variable Empfindung von Sein in sich selbst; das Bewegen und Strömen des gemeinsamen Ganzen im wechselwirkenden Totalwiderspruch von uns geistig begrenzten Zwischenindividuen, die immer nur nach einer temporären Zwischenlösung suchen, ohne aufgrund einer nur Minimalmoral- und intelligenzvorprägung in irgendeine Form der Totaleskalation hineingeraten zu wollen.

Evolution als Prozess ist uns weit voraus. Einfach weil Evolution auf einen billiardenjahrealten, bzw. unendlichen Erfahrungsschatz an Entwicklungsintelligenz zurückgreifen kann, der uns als kurzlebigen Entitäten in jeder Hinsicht fremd ist und wahrscheinlich auch bleiben wird.