Analysis of communications and structures in businesses and organisations

COGGY Intelligence analyzes communication processes and structures in companies and organisations. While Business Intelligence Services are exclusively focused on data mining, the optimization of economical parameters or the application and implementation of internal corporate guidelines on the basis of usual theoretical methods, we analyze and visualize relevant parameters such as communications, processes, technology or software as inside parameters of the interhuman exchange and the social structures of companies and organisations. We aim to provide individual cognitive solutions.

We are offering intelligence services to ethically operating organisations – even in the case of difficult and complex communicative issues. Our competence derives from years of participating in transformational processes and from our long-term business activities and experiences.

In each organisation communication processess are based on individual identities, their abilities and their individual development. We know that the evolution of technology, communications and structures plays an important role in the development process of companies, organizations and societies.

COGGY Intelligence aims to provide new, creative and helpful insights in daily operations

We provide the intelligence and knowledge that is essential to successful development processes, the moderation of changes or transformations. We develop communicative skills and abilities, strengthen identities and bring in creative ideas that inspire your business or your organisation as well as your organisational processes.

COGGY Intelligence is located in Europe | Germany.

Get in touch with us: intelligence at or +491632378849

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