Elterliche Kinderbetreuung

The invisibility of social obviousness I

If you think of control, you always think of a clear mind and a clear goal. Control is not maybeness. Control is real, certain and for sure.

This is why we trust our male or female leaders, this is why we trust people who are in charge of something.

This is how our societies evolve: We live in one state and there is someone who is promising that he or she is able to transform this certain state into another – a more beautiful – state of existence.

The patterns that we can observe regarding a motion like this are the patterns that visualize themselves on the very surface of motion. They can be true and they cannot be true. Nobody knows. True evolutionary changes are following rules that we still don’t understand. They’re invisible. They’re following rules that no secret and no scientific community on the planet has ever gotten even close to.

The very structure of life remains to be unknown.

When we read, watch and follow the media or the press we can clearly see, that any motion is creating a motional hub of meaning. In many cases the very true nature of things is not a part of any debate or discussion anymore. Instead, people very often begin to love to hate because this is the best way to express their social unhappiness.

If you begin to hate you can simply start to condemn anyone else. You can start to build your life on your very concept of your enemy. It doesn’t matter if you’re left or right, East or West. You feel satisfied after you began to follow one of the extremist directions anyway. This is the invisibility of social obviousness.

Under certain circumstances – especially in societies that are due to very fast transformational processes – people always decide for one direction. This is about feeling home and safe. But: This is about not belonging to those who are really trying to find solutions. This is about preventing and avoiding any responsibility.