Pferde durch den Nebel stürmend – Horses almost blindly storming through fog


If you look at what we call “progression” you will see that we do not know anything about it. Our minds were inspired 100.000 years ago in the same way they are today.

Surfaces change and technologies. Our lifes, thoughts, poems and cities continued and continue to permanently reshape, reconfigure, retell and revise their and our temporary truths.

But why?

Does this very process keep the initial idea of existence alive to allow it to reconfigure itself permanently? – The life of the farmer in Uruk is connected / connecting to the life of the engineer in a city in Kazakhstan 5.000 years later as well as it is connected to a Google or Siemens engineer in 2019. Well, let’s not forget about horses. (!)

But why does life need those interconnections? Why does it need inter-realtions over time?  Why does it need our temporary societies, truths and beliefs? One can always say: This has become obsolete, or this. We should ask ourselves: If this is now obsolete why has it ever been in relevance?