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About a very basis of evolutionary competition

In order to address always the right people, evolution is always addressing different people of different ages, gender and imaginations at the same time.

This is a very efficient mode of progressive transformation. The more people are fighting against each other the more successful a basic algorithm of evolution is – up to a point.

In a Darwinian way one cay say: The more inspirired people want to kill (abuse, condemn, hate etc.) each other the more efficient is the algorithm – up to a point.

Maybe one day a person might publish the thesis that more than 90% of all conflicts are not for the benefit of humans but for the benefit of the evolutionary algorithm.

Until now we still do not know the difference between the evolutionary algorithm and our human consciousness. But many of us agree that we should try to calm the killing algorithm. And that this is a relevant project.

Thus far, our perception is almost vague, but very creative and very sustainable – if you take our development through the centuries into account.

And maybe the evolutionary algorithm and the development of humankind are paradoxically interwoven. A more intelligent species might develop an idea for a more peaceful interconnection of this strange couple one day.

So, this our path and – partially – the science fiction movies that we create are really sending us our way. This is why the terms “to foresee” or “to anticipate” are actual terms – actually belonging to our language.